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Strainer Applications

The pipeline strainers in this catalog have a wide range of industrial and marine applications. In addition to oil and water service, the strainers detailed in this catalog are suitable for removing impurities from gasoline, chemicals, paint, food process and many other process fluids.
JAY AMBE manufacture vessels in accordance to ASME Section VIII Division-1


The most popular application. From waste and water treatment, boiler feed pumps,
condensate service, irrigation and general and intermediate water service

Steel Mills

Cooling water for furnaces, rolling mills, lubricating oil, fuel oil, etc.


Refining crude oil to gasoline. Protection of pumps, meters, etc.


Protection for heat exchangers, pumps, and condensers, strain cooling water, screen transformer oil, etc.

Chemical Plants

Separation of solid impurities from liquids. Protection of process equipment

Pulp and Paper

An industry which utilizes extensive filtration of water, coatings and pigments


General filtration of seawater in cooling, sanitary, and general cleaning of lines.
Fuel, hydraulic fluid, lubricating systems, etc.

Process Equipment

Protection of equipment such as flow meters, spray nozzles, heat exchangers,
condensers, pumps, etc.

Other industrial applications include food processing, paint, cement, ink, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and many more.

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