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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are one of the most common types of valves that are used in pipelines to regulate its flow. There is a disc inside this valve which is positioned perpendicular to the flow of the fluid. Basically, it is installed in the closed position, but it can turn to open position when the buttery valve is rotated. As this type of valve is a quarter-turn valve, all it takes to open and close the flow is rotating the switch quarterly.

When it comes to performance, butterfly valves are quite similar to ball valves. Its design is very compact so it can be handled and installed easily. Adding to it, our butterfly valves are designed in such a way that it provides enormous benefits when applied in the industrial sector. It doesn’t demand much maintenance unlike many of its alternatives and is quite reliable. It can operate manually as well as electronically.

Advantages :- Disadvantages :-
  • Compact size
  • Opens and closes quickly
  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • Reliable
  • Requires minimum maintenanc
  • Some portion of disk always restricts the flow
  • Pressure switches across the valve.
Features :- Options:
  • Bidirectional design
  • Absence of internal cavity
  • Seat replacement
  • Innovative butterfly valve to blend with pipes.
  • Variety of materials to be used in valves’ design.
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