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Globe Valve

Gate Forged Valves are the members of valves family having slightly distinguished characteristics and features. Gate valves are made up of cast iron and has a threaded stem. The function of gate valves is quite simple as it works by lifting up of the gate which is installed in between the valve to regulate the flow. Fluid flows from one direction to another when the gate is lifted and stops when gate becomes a barrier. Pressure loss is minimum in this type of valves.
As the name speaks, globe valves are a flexible disk type-element which has a ring seat in the spherical body. The valve is of spherical shape divided into two halves by a baffle installed inside.

This valve is used to regulate the flow of liquids in a pipeline. Lastly, check valves are valves installed in pipes to regular the flow of liquid in one direction. It works on the basis of pressure and prevents the backflow. Hence, the three valves have its features and facilitate various industries.

Advantages :- Disadvantages :-
  • Gate valves have easy to operate closing feature.
  • Minimum pressure loss.
  • Automatic opening and closing feature
  • Check valve disk freezes in open position.
  • Requires tremendous force to close under high pressure.
  • Leakage occurs due to frequent change in temperature.
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