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‘Y’ Type Strainers
Y Type Strainers Casted

Y Type strainers derive its name from the shape of its configuration that looks like “Y”. It is very useful when it comes to protecting pumps and compressors because the dirt or debris present in the latter is collected in the strainer without bargaining with the pressure drops. The Y type strainers are most suitable for horizontal and vertical pipelines where the debris is difficult to be removed from the liquid or gas. Found in thousands of pipelines, this strainer is the most economic and common for permanent use.

Cast Y Type Strainers are one of the most common strainers present in the pipelines to handle small particles of dust.

It is suitable for removing the debris away from the pipeline in a systematic manner without causing any harm to the pipeline. As the name highlights, Cast Y Type strainers are basically made up of cast steel. Apart from it, stainless steel or alloy steel acts as the alternative for each other on several occasions. When it comes to dimensions of Cast Y Type strainers, its screwed ends/socket weld ends is ½” TO 3” inches whereas flanged ends / butt-weld ends ranges from ½” TO 3” inches. Therefore, it has a compact size that can fit various types of pipelines comfortably. Pressure rating of Cast Y Type strainers lies in between 150# and 1500#. This type of strainer is famous for its wall thickness which is as per API 600 and the ease of installation it renders due to compact size and design.

Y Type Strainers Forged

Being a member of the Y Type Strainer family, Forged Y Type strainer have a number of things to prove its potential presence. Forged type of strainer is economical in cost and commonly found in thousands of pipelines. It blends well with the pipelines that are slightly inclined or horizontal. With the main purpose of removing solid particles from fluids flowing through the pipeline, Forged Y type strainer renders an effective service without reducing the pressure of flow of fluids.

The entire name “Y Type Strainer Forged” designs a blueprint of the product in the mind. As the shape of this strainer is Y-shaped, it is a part of Y strainer family whereas the word “forged” is attached to the name because Forged Steel (A 105), F 304 and F 316 are involved in its formation.

It has a compact design with special finish and linings that provides a proper platform to be installed comfortably and work efficiently. Y-shaped Forged strainers offers drain valves and plated filter element with a variety of threading types. The size of screwed ends/socket weld ends present in this strainer is 0.5 inch to 2 inches. This strainer has the highest pressure rating that lies between 800# to 2500#.

Fabricated Y Type Strainers

Having the involvement of “Y Type Strainers” in name, it is needless to say that fabricated strainers are most suitable for inclined or horizontal pipelines where dust is hard to remove from the flowing fluids. This type of strainers is cylindrical in shape so it can be fixed properly in the pipe to provide useful filtration. Being an inexpensive kind of strainer, it is used in millions of pipelines to remove debris from fluids.
Fabricated Y type strainers are made up of cast steel, stainless steel or alloy steel. It has a bolted cover along with blow off drain connections.

Having flanged ends/butt-weld ends of the dimension of 2" TO 24" inches, it is compact in size. Although it is easy to install, its size doesn’t allows it to hold high amount of dirt. When it comes to pressure, the rating lies in between 150# to 300# and the strainer doesn’t affect it while removing dirt with process stream. Our fabricated Y type strainers are easy to carry and install because of its low weight and compact size. You also get options to choose the most suitable type of fabricated strainer for your pipelines. We make larger size and pressure of fabricated strainers available for prospective clients on request.

Salient Features :- Applications :-
  • Compact Size and Low weight
  • Low pressure drop across the filter
  • Adequate strength of element and housing
  • Permits rapid servicing i.e. ease of cleaning or replacing the element
  • Low cost – Initial as well as service cost
  • Components are suitable and compatible with fluid concerned.
  • Allow to interchange same type of component with another
  • Ideal for liquid, steam or gas
  • No contamination between filtered and unfiltered liquids
  • Installed in either vertical or horizontal position
  • It is useful in protecting the condensate and steam systems from the possibilities of damage by the influx of the debris habitual of finding way into the pipeline system. Strainers protect the equipment by holding the flow of such solids. In this way, it reduces downtime and servicing cost.
These strainers have a wide range of application to remove solids from liquids at pumps suction and delivery side piping. Strainers installed on suction side of pumps & named as suction strainers also.
  • Power Industry
  • Fertilizer Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Process Industries and many others
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